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Use your money over mobile phone, social media, and web.

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Send money to your contacts from your phonebook, social media account, and e-mail. Pay for stuff at stores and restaurants. Better than a checking account, safer than a credit card, and faster than cash.

Cash-in/Cash-out with Moneero

Cash-in & Cash-out

Put cash in your phone, and take cash out when you need. Go to local shops and keep the amount of cash that you feel comfortable with.

Send/Receive Money with Moneero

Send and Receive Money

Send and receive money from any mobile number, even if they don’t have an account. Moneero works in any mobile phones.

Send money over social media with Moneero

Use Money over Social Media

Do you have a friend on Social Media, but not their number? Use Facebook or Twitter to send your friends and followers money.

Pay Bills with Moneero

Pay Bills

Make paying bills less painful. Pay bills with your phone or online. And you don’t need a credit card or bank account.

Moneero Phone


MoneeroPoints are the places where you can buy stuff, cash-in, and cash-out.

Moneero POPs map

Bring Moneero to your Country

Put yourself on the map. Introduce e-money to your country. Grow business while reducing the risk of handling credit cards and cash. Get paid to make transactions. Create your country’s window to Bitcoin and other new financial tech.

Do more without a Wallet

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